Dekalb Family Medicine - Don't Do It!

Stone Mountain, Georgia 0 comments

I had to wait quite a while for my appointment.I was very disappointed.

I arrived at 10am and was seen at 10:47am. They took me to the back, weighed me and then left me sitting in the hallway waiting for my blood to be drawn. At 11:45am I started seeing the staff LEAVING FOR LUNCH!!! I went to find the girl who had put me in the hallway and she was eating her lunch.

She asked me if someone had come to take my blood I told her no, but I told her I had to leave. And I will not be back. I have been a patient for 3 years and I can't take it anymore. The service at this doctors office is just like Dekalb County itself, low budget.

Dr. Armstrong at one point gave one on one service, now it appears as though she is overwhelmed and the office no longer values its patient's time.

I went to another doctor the following day, and was seen and serviced within an hour.I would not recommend this place to my family or friends.

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